In order to support a meaningful dialogue between the two regions and establish a fruitful cooperation environment, we:

  • identified the Strategic ICT Priorities in the MPC
  • developed ICT policy recommendation for ICT Research and Innovation for the MPC countries
  • deepened Europe's view on the research, innovation and collaboration potential within the MPC
  • extended our network to around 3000 ICT researchers across both regions

See our 'Manifesto of EU-SouthMed Cooperation'

MED-Dialogue was part of the EU-MED ICT Group: 

MED-Dialogue was a bridge for a two-way cooperation between the MPC and the EU aiming at four main objectives:

  • Support through a flexible modular approach the Dialogue between EU and the Region by preparing focused Position Papers on the issues relevant for the EU-MPC research cooperation in Horizon 2020.
  • Raise awareness on the Horizon 2020 Calls and assist the organisations in the region to prepare proposals and find partners in order to increase their participation in the Programme.
  • Support the EC in the preparation of future Horizon 2020 work-programmes, by identifying the strengths and opportunities in the MPC (through the identified and validated ICT priorities) for mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Support the coordination of International Cooperation instruments in the MPC by exploiting synergies of running projects and make recommendations for future INCO activities in H2020.


This project was co-funded by the European Union.
Framework Programme 7, ICT, Grant Agreement 611433
01/01/2014 - 30/06/2016
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