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1 Mutah university , Jordan. Department: Information Technology Department

The Department of Information Technology offers Bachelor of Science in two undergraduate study programs in the field of computer science. The first is Computer Science (CS), which provides an in-depth experience focusing on the theory and practice of computer science. The second program is in Computer Information Systems (CIS), which provides a more interdisciplinary experience balancing study in computer science and business administration. The CIS program focuses on preparing students to meet business challenges through the use of technology. Both programs provide an excellent background in computer science but they differ in the approach they take to computer science.
The emergence of Computer Science as a discipline is one of the most significant intellectual developments of the twentieth century. The field encompasses a rapidly growing body of knowledge concerning algorithms, information processing, communication, languages, and information systems. It utilizes both theoretical as well as experimental approaches to advance the state of knowledge in these areas. The power of this paradigm is evident everywhere in our technological society. It has begun to dramatically change our concept of reality. Almost every aspect of everyday life has been transformed by information technologies advanced by Computer Science. There is a growing realization that information technology is essential for solving critical problems in areas such as fundamental science, engineering, education, environment, health care, economics, commerce, and government. The recent explosive growth in computer power and connectivity is reshaping relationships among people and organizations, and transforming the processes of discovery, learning, and communication. As a result of these technological advances, we have unprecedented opportunities for providing rapid and efficient access to enormous amounts of knowledge and information; for studying vastly more complex systems than was hitherto possible; and for advancing in fundamental ways our understanding of information processes in natural and artificial systems.
The objectives of the DIT at Mu'tah University are to create a new breed of scientists, armed with the knowledge of computer science trained in computer science as well as the appropriate scientific and engineering disciplines. In addition, we provide students with the tools of information technology that were enabled by advances in Computer Science to transform business practices through the emergence of electronic marketplaces, electronic investing, electronic banking, sophisticated software tools for scheduling and workflow and inventory management. Our graduates will also enhance major functions of the government in areas such as national defense, disaster management, and law enforcement. Our society is on the threshold of an era of intelligent artifacts, which is being ushered in, to a large extent, by advances in Computer Science and information technology.
The DIT embraces its role in research ###